Free restaurant reservation software with meal pre-order

Use our online meal reservation system to turn tables faster. Get more customers every day.

Free restaurant reservation software.

Allow your guests to pre-order.
It attracts customers with the promise of hot and ready food upon arrival.

Our free restaurant reservation software allows your customers to book a table online and order food in advance.

By reducing the wait time for your table and food, you can get faster table turnover and serve more customers daily.

Sell your dishes long before you seat your guests.

Have your guests pay the bill before entering your restaurant by activating the “Online payments” function.

With pre-paid meals, your customers can come and go during their short lunch breaks.

And you can accommodate even more customers throughout the day.

Manage and accept orders from any smartphone or regular device.

There’s no need to invest in an order-taking app for your smartphone or a new restaurant reservation system for iPad.

By using our free reservation software, you’ll also get your own app for unlimited meal reservations and pre-orders…

… that works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

How to start

Create a free account with Chile Mole & Pozole.

Then, simply enable the “Pre-Order” feature, so your guests can pre-order food online for dinner.

It’s incredibly easy, isn’t it?

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